Franchise Opportunities

When you partner with Pizzatown, we're with you every step of the way!

We will teach you everything you need to know to successfully operate your own business while enjoying the security of an established brand and the assistance of a great support team.

Pizzatown offers you the best opportunity to be your own boss. We have 5 locations in Nova Scotia and working hard to grow throughout Canada. Our current locations are operated by professionals who share the same core values that have made Pizzatown one of the most successful pizza Franchises in Atlantic Canada.


For Inquiries about other provinces and countries please contact us:
Pizzatown Limited / Franchising
Suite 7, 2 Lakeside Park Drive
Lakeside, Nova Scotia Canada B3T 1L7
Toll Free: 1-877-877-8804

1. Get A Locaton

Choosing a suitable location is a good start. We have over 25 years of real estate negotiations. We will find you the best location at the best possible price.

Now available in Atlantic Canada:

Nova Scotia New Brunswick Prince Edward Island Newfoundland
New Minas
New Glasgow
St. John
Charlottetown St. John's

2. Get Answers

Looking into starting a franchise may get you wondering about some answers. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions, with the appropriate answers.

Pizzatown is currently interested in expanding across Canada. Please call us 1-877-877-8804

No, you are not responsible for finding your own location. Seasoned Pizzatown professionals will help you to find the best location for your store, to negotiate the best lease and to handle any municipal regulations that need to be taken care of. With over 7 Pizzatown locations operating successfully, our team has the knowledge and experience to assist you with opening your franchise, every step of the way.

Our Design and Construction team will assist you with that. Made up of experienced professionals, the team will manage every aspect of store design – interior and exterior, kitchen build, equipment, furniture and fixtures. We will help you to maximize space and functionality to create an environment that staff and customers will be pleased to visit.

One word – training. Before you open your store, we will teach you everything you need to successfully manage your own Pizzatown franchise. You will attend a six week in-depth course at our Pizzatown training location, where you will learn how to cook and prepare food in real kitchens and stores. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect and training is the key to success.

No, we have everything taken care of for you. Our international suppliers delivers tons of ingredients and products to your restaurants each week, ensuring that your store is kept stocked with fresh ingredients and quality supplies. All supplies are cut, measured and packed in a variety of serving sizes so that all you have to do is make pizzas for your customers and make a good living for yourself.

Pizzatown works differently than most franchises when it comes to marketing, We meet with our franchisees on a regular bases and make decisions on promotional and advertising programs that are designed to successfully drive traffic to your store. Unique incentives and promotions create strong consumer awareness for the Pizzatown brand and motivate customers to come to your store on foot, online and over the phone.

Absolutely not. District sales managers partner with you to offer everyday support and to achieve maximum sales and profitability. Assistance is offered to help you maintain the high standards of quality, service, cleanliness and value that have been established at Pizzatown, ensuring a constant flow of happy customers.

3. Get In Touch

If you are interested in a franchise opportunity with Pizzatown and still have some unanswered questions? Get in touch with us or call us toll-free at 1-877-877-8804. We'll get back to you with the answers and help you start your Pizzatown franchise business very soon.

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